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About Fran

Hi there! I’m Fran and like you, I know it takes vision, grit, transparency, purpose [insert corporate jargon], [insert entrepreneurial platitude], to be successful. Also like you, I’ve wondered WTF does that even mean? The truth is, it means something different for each of us. I know, that probably doesn’t make you feel better, because now you’re wondering where the heck to start, right? That’s where I come in. With a leadership coach, you (and your business) will get crystal clear on where you’re going and how you want to get there while squashing all of the habits, patterns and beliefs holding you back… It’s lump-in-your-throat, pit-in-your-stomach, clench-your-butthole type of uncomfortable at times and as your coach, I won’t sugarcoat that reality for you. But I will be your biggest cheerleader championing the goals that keep you up at night, reminding you that you’re not alone, you’re already kickin’ butt and you’ve got what it takes to be more.

Fran brings a unique blend of corporate savvy, strategic vision and a vast network of value-added introductions, all with a customer service "concierge" touch. She's extremely relatable and professional, and strikes the balance between giving you the external tools and resources you need, and helping you determine your goals internally through introspection and probing questions. She's been instrumental to me in the different phases of my career, from public service to entrepreneurship, through to executive leadership and all of its successes and challenges. I highly recommend Fran for your executive coaching needs- she's a valuable asset to any client.

- Sarah Casey, Founder & CEO of Legal Platform