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Don your crown

“Well, am I Sultan or am I Sultan?”


Hi! I’m Franzannie, you can call me Franny. I’m a recovering mean girl, skeptic, who was constantly “faking it”  (and the warm smiles around the circle responded, “Hi Franny”). My new reality is that I have a huge heart, my first instinct is to believe the best, and I feel like I’m “making it” 85% of the time…and that’s just the tip…of the iceberg. Welcome to my blog, {Re}defining Franny.


So what is {Re}defining Franny?

This is not a “how to” blog, it’s more of a weekly “How Franny…”

…quit the job of her dreams to do something she talked mad ISH about

…went kicking and screaming into her “passion”

…is mastering the clench and living her best life

…and other such adventures. My business tagline is {re}defining the way you lead and this is a peek into how I’m {re}defining the way I lead my life. Why? I believe defining and redefining who you are is key to having the [enter your own definition of ‘a good life’ here].


What’s so special about {re}defining yourself?

I want you to take a hard look at the imaginary rules you’re living your life by and flip the bird at the ones that are not serving you.

Who says you have to own a house?

Who says running is the best way to lose weight?

Who says you need more experience to start that business?

YOU. You say. Realizing that I get to write the rulebook for my life was scary AF. I’m a trained writer- there’s a draft that’s sent to an editor who ultimately makes the final decision. It’s a collaborative effort and there’s a “boss” involved. Who the eff is the editor of my life’s rule book? Who’s going to tell me when I’m getting it wrong? You’re telling me I’m the boss… Me. F****ck. Then something miraculous happened. A moment of pure clarity. Remember in Aladdin when the sultan changed the law and let Aladdin and Princess Jasmine get married? In case you don’t, it went:


Sultan: …It’s the law that’s the problem [that the princess must marry a prince]

Princess Jasmine: Father?

Sultan: Well, am I sultan, or am I sultan? [as in, he MAKES the laws, DUH]


I really hope this moment is in the new movie…Anyway, I had that moment. I put my crown on and vowed to lead (read: adult) my life like.a.boss. This blog is how I master the clench (read: flip fear the bird) and beat the world of BS rules from my past, people whose opinions shouldn’t matter, and the chorus of twig bitches in my head trying to hold me back from being who I really am so I can do what the EFF I’m really meant to do. I hope my journey inspires you to put on your crown too.


If {re}defining is scary AF, why in the world would I be inspired to do it?

I feel you. Once I bought a Groupon and did yoga 5 days a week for 3 months. My body never felt better. I would tell anyone who would listen that “you don’t know how good your body is supposed to feel.” After my Groupon expired, I was pissed. I couldn’t afford to keep going and I couldn’t UNknow how good my body could feel…I figured ignorance is bliss so I vowed to never subscribe to expensive health trends like yoga or veganism again because I didn’t want to know what I was missing in fear that I couldn’t maintain it.


Living your life exactly the way you define it is like committing to yoga and veganism- it feels SO freakin’ good that it’ll make you want to slap someone because it’s so hard to maintain. This time though, there was no way around it…I found ways other than spending too much money on a fancy studio and giving up burgers and pizza forever to maintain my physical health but there’s absolutely no way to live an even remotely satisfying life on someone else’s terms. 


If your life goal falls beneath “remote satisfaction,” then good news. You can rest comfortably, my friend. But I know you, and like me, you’re already doing big things and even bigger (maybe even huge) dreams lie bustling under the surface. This entire blog is an invitation to take a look under my surface… I solemnly swear to:

…make you laugh out loud-or at least guilty-pleasure grin

…share the good, the bad and the ugly about what it takes to be my {awesome} self

…make you blush because you thought it was just you (it’s not)

…describe the ecstasy that comes when you don your crown

…do my best to inspire you to define your{self, life, business}


My deepest belief is that the greatest privilege in this life is to be yourself, which is a constant (read: grueling) process of defining and redefining who it is you are so you can own your ish and become who you were meant to be. And I don’t know about you but I was meant to be awesome.

Let’s be awesome together.

If this resonates with you, Welcome.


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