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This is why your expectations aren’t being met…

There’s this annoying other side of pivoting called adjusting, a period of waiting expectantly for the dreams you manifested to, well, manifest even more I guess. You’ve committed to the thing but what do you do while you wait for the seeds you planted to grow? You started the business and did the pitching, now what do you do while you wait for the clients to come pouring in? You’ve discovered your worthiness, now what do you do while you wait for the perfect man? You landed the new role, now what do you do while your reputation builds? All sorts of doubts can creep up that tempt you to quit all together but you didn’t come this far to only come this far. So how do you find solace in the wait?

Last weekend it clicked for me. If I’m expecting success, I need to prepare for it just like I’d prepare if I was expecting a baby. So, if I expect to create a successful business that attracts clients who set my soul on fire, who are ready to confidently transition with 0 regrets, how do I prepare for that?

Master my routine. All super successful people have some sort of self-care routine. As much as I roll my eyes over this, the benefits are undeniable. When I sleep more, I’m more alert, when I exercise, I’m more fit, when I meditate, I’m less stressed, when I get massages, my body is more relaxed, when I eat better food, I feel healthier…My attitude toward doing these things doesn’t actually matter. Do them, my life improves. Don’t and it doesn’t. When I consider the massive responsibility of my audacious dreams, I couldn’t imagine accomplishing all of that without a rock solid self-care routine.

Manage my mindset. There’s a ton that needs to be done to reach my goals but knowing what to do is only half the battle. All of our action and inaction is due the stories we tell ourselves. Through coaching, I uncover the stories that are holding me back to create new ones that help me stick to the plans that ultimately achieve my goals.

Learn as much as possible. The more I know, the better I can prepare for the dreams I have for the future. I read and listen to books. I read a ton of articles, I follow a few blogs religiously, and occasionally binge on podcasts. I’m not a huge video person but I do pay for some online classes and watch a few YouTube and Facebook Live shows. I know, I’m intense, but this is what I consider fun. I use my breaks to read articles.

Optimize through observation. I won’t be successful as a second-rate version of someone else, the goal is to be the first-rate version of myself. But there is so much information out there, so many ways to do everything. Optimizing means figuring out how it to incorporate all.the.things in a way that works best for me and gives me the best results. Doing a new thing requires a lot of trial and error, I pay attention to what works and what doesn’t work for me.

Focus on what’s important to me. There are so many ways that I can create a successful business that helps people. I can create workshops, retreats, motivational speeches, masterclasses, online courses and on and on… I was so excited about all the things that I created a business plan for each opportunity. I was overwhelmed and underpaid and I was reminded of a Zig Ziglar quote- If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. But instead, I was trying to aim my one dart at multiple bullseyes but the key is to consistently take it back to how do I want to help people? What are my gifts?

I think we mix having our expectations met with having complete control over the outcome but just like when we expect a baby, we can only prepare so much and when the time comes, all we can do is continue to adjust along the way. It won’t turn out exactly how you expected but with preparation, I believe it can be better.

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