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Adjusting to Change (part 2)-Don’t Screw it Up

So far the transition process has felt daunting and I was looking forward to it being over…Then I realized, the move, the change itself, might have been the end of one thing but it was really, the beginning of something else. I can sit back and look at the progress so far and daydream about the future wins. It’s a great place of in-between to be- reminds me of that Tinkerbell quote (Julia Roberts’ Tinkerbell to be clear):

“You know that place between sleep and awake where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll be waiting for you Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll always love you.” You’ve made the jump, moved into the new season, and the possibilities are endless. You haven’t had a chance to fcuk it up yet, or get jaded by the task at hand, you get to ride high on anticipation, expecting the best and looking through those “fresh eyes” that only come with inexperience and naivete.

It’s a time to set high standards, here are the 8 things I do to make sure I actually meet them:

1. Own your beginner’s benefit- I loved meetings when I first transitioned from non-profit to leadership at Comcast. I learned so much, my inexperience was seen as an asset. I got praised for my “dumb” questions and sometimes just by questioning the status quo, new ideas came about that I got the credit for sparking. It was a wonderful time of confusion.

2. Re-root yourself- I’m probably going to use euphemisms for habits forever. In this ever-changing life we’re living, I’ve come to rely on my habits to ground me. The view on my run and the location of my meditation may be different but my breath stays the same. No matter where I am, the way I feel when I run, journal and meditate grounds me.

3. If you got lost, get found- I was eating like shit with no shame during this transition, and now I’m doing Whole30 (not as punishment for all those french fries, I do the Whole30 every year as a fast and cleanse). Aside from diving head first into bad habits, I also gave up some habits that I enjoy (not the grounding ones) like reading, that I’m slowly ramping up again.

4. Don’t get complacent- If you don’t intentionally create a plan to reach the goals that inspired this change, you won’t reach them. Relationships won’t magically form, money won’t just appear and boxes don’t unpack themselves. Don’t get it twisted, you aren’t almost done, you’ve only just begun.

5. Learn your environment and figure out how to maximize yourself in it- My morning routine, including my workout took about 90 minutes, max. Now, it takes at least 2 hours when you add in my commute to the gym. I hated getting started so late so I’m experimenting with switching my routine around to do more before I leave for the gym. Do you like sunshine when you work but have a windowless office? Maybe you need to schedule morning and afternoon walks. Did you talk to your sister every day on your commute and now you have a morning meeting to take? Maybe you can chat while you’re getting ready instead. Make room for the things that are important to you.

6. Appreciate your surroundings- I don’t have an ocean view anymore but today a cardinal and a blue jay used our bird feeder for the first time in our new beautiful garden view! You can get so wrapped up in the adjustment process that you forget to take a minute and smell the roses.

7. Embrace doing new things– The purpose of transition is not to stay the same in a different environment or season, it’s to open yourself up to possibilities of immense growth and opportunity. I would freak out over every assignment when I first started at Comcast and I’d tell myself that I’m re-calibrating. With every new project, I was reaching new levels.

8. Pay attention to where you’ll need boundaries- Boundaries are love. Read that again. That chatty woman who won’t let you get work done, won’t just stop talking. Don’t wait too long before you start the process of creating the boundaries you need to be successful, shut your door during important projects, start to cut her off when the stories get too long, set aside some intentional time to chat with her, maybe on your way to your morning walk. The sooner, the better. It’ll be much better for the transition process than losing your ish and telling her off after horrible morning traffic and a bad meeting. I love setting boundaries, it makes me feel like I can settle in and really be myself, get the discomfort out of the way early.

You didn’t come this far to only come this far, am I right? I’m setting a firm foundation so I can see my dreams come to fruition. What about you?

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