Coaching Approach:

Photo of Fran EtienneHi there! I’m Fran and like you, I know it takes vision, grit, transparency, purpose [insert corporate jargon], [insert entrepreneurial platitude], to be successful. Also like you, I’ve wondered WTF does that even mean? The truth is, it means something different for each of us. I know, that probably doesn’t make you feel better, because now you’re wondering where the heck to start, right? That’s where I come in. With a leadership coach, you (and your business) will get crystal clear on where you’re going and how you want to get there while squashing all of the habits, patterns and beliefs holding you back. You’re already successful, bulldozing the goals you set for yourself and setting new ones, leadership coaching helps you get where you want faster, more confidently and stay there. It’s lump-in-your-throat, pit-in-your-stomach, clench-your-butthole type of uncomfortable at times and as your coach, I won’t sugarcoat that reality for you. But I will be your biggest cheerleader championing the goals that keep you up at night, reminding you that you’re not alone, you’re already kickin’ butt and you’ve got what it takes to be more.

About me:

At every step of my career, I’ve been completely out of my comfort zone but I harnessed that fear to get me where I wanted to go. I started in agency public relations after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!) with a degree in Public Relations & Psychology. I was one of two interns to be hired at a boutique firm in Baltimore. I was working with international brands like Gore-Tex and Georgia Pacific , pitching to The Today Show and absolutely freaking out. Then I moved into the non-profit world. I landed a job at American Cancer Society where I was responsible for raising more than a half million dollars for the organization and managing eight events; with no prior event planning OR fundraising experience, I learned the fine art of clenching my a**hole through the unknown.

I was introduced to executive leadership when I made my way back to public relations in the non-profit arena at one of the largest hospice organizations in South Florida. When the company decided to bring more than 1,200 people from two previously competing entities across multiple counties into one big happy family, I saw a growth opportunity and parlayed my public relations expertise to create the first internal communications and employee experience role in the company. This allowed me to work directly with executive level leadership. To me, internal communications was just public relations with your most important ambassadors- your employees. With that level of exposure, I really saw what type of skills and leadership it takes to manage change, lead with compassion and think strategically.

I worked to combine different leadership styles, cultures, processes, accountability measures, creating new programs when necessary, into one cohesive organization ready to serve. Through that experience, I mastered the art of change management from the front line to executive leadership, which starts with people, with you.

I parlayed that incredible experience into my big jump from the non-profit world to Comcast, a Fortune 50 company, with no prior connections, more than doubling my salary. Comcast has been named one of the 100 Great Places to Work and I was hired into a role that hadn’t existed before me-Manager of Employee Experience & Communications for the Florida region. I was charged with bringing the company and my boss’ (the Vice President of the Region) goals to life.

I worked closely with executive leaders to create a unique but consistent employee experience across Florida. I became a certified Change Practitioner through Prosci, mastering the ADKAR process on how to manage the people side of change, acting as the region change ambassador supporting our executive leaders. Every year I spent with Comcast, our Region increased Employee Satisfaction scores on our annual Employee Satisfaction Survey. And we had the only location in the entire company with a 90% employee satisfaction rate!

Then we added monthly employee satisfaction surveys. Working with my amazing executive leadership team and through implementation of the Net Promoter System (NPS), we created programs and feedback loops to ensure employee concerns were addressed timely, ideas came to fruition and communication was transparent. I was the liaison between all of the issues coming out of my region and the company at large, ensuring follow up and completion. The result? Florida led the Division in employee and customer satisfaction scores.

What I learned is that the best places to work, have the best leaders. Those leaders don’t just perform, they develop their influence to make an impact. They don’t just manage, they lead. And the only way to become one of the best (read: have the biggest impact, see results, produce epic shit) is to focus on your own development. And it takes balls to seek out and commit to that sort of growth.

I found my purpose coaching some of the best leaders at Comcast. I became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through iPEC, an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training program.

When I decided to make the jump to the world of entrepreneurship, I was pleasantly surprised at how my corporate professional training translated into optimizing myself as an entrepreneur. My leadership abilities-goal-setting, time management, productivity, -has been huge in making this dream a reality.

I’ve had an incredible journey thus far and I am so excited to use my leadership knowledge and strength in conquering the scary shit to be the person that helps you master the clench to kick-more- ass and take-serious- names. I promise it’ll be fun, terrifying, beautiful, painful and worth it.